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Information content, topicality:

In the BOOM Software AG efforts are being made, to publish only carefully selected and researched information on their website.

Nevertheless, the BOOM Software AG assumes no liability for providing correct, complete or up-to-date information nor can a permanent availability of information be guaranteed.

Linkage to websites or URLs of other operators:

BOOM Software AG assumes no liability for the content of other operators of linked websites or URLs (except cases treated in § 17 of Austrian E- Commcerce Law) 

BOOM Software AG takes no responsibility for availability and full link functionality to websites or URLs of other operators.


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Storage of registration data:

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BOOM-Website modifications:

At any time the BOOM Software AG reserves the right (if necessary also without prior notice) to change the BOOM-website in order to modify, update or exchange existing content.

General terms and conditions:

Authorised users making use of services offered on the Boom website apply in addition to the terms mentioned, the general terms and conditions of BOOM Software AG in the current version.