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Our Birds –
The Bald Eagle and the Owl

The BOOM birds that shape our external image are popular, omni-present and leave a lasting impression on observers. They embody our recipe for success: We think with the heads of our customers, grasp their business processes in detail and adapt our solutions to their requirements. This is what we mean by TOTAL CUSTOMIZING – not as a casual marketing gag, but as a lived-out challenge that we passionately meet on a daily basis.

Our basis
Styrian expertise, attachment to our native land and values that make us a valuable partner. BOOM is entirely reliable. The green basis of our birds, the lower body of the Styrian chicken represents this Styrian quality. 

Boom EuleBoom Eule

Our spezialization
The bald eagle and the owl – these birds are truly the kings of the skies due to their exceptional flying abilities, razor-sharp vision that sees all and incredible hunting skills. Their abilities are extraordinary within the animal kingdom just like our competence for your company. Their heads embody the specialization of our solutions BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (eagle) and BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (owl). These birds symbolize the maximum adaptability and individualization that we can offer your company.