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Maintenance budget planning and monitoring made easy

Maintenance budget planningMaintenance budget planning

Lean Smart Maintenance (LSM) can be understood as a holistic excellence concept that raises maintenance management to a new level considering the aspects LEAN and SMART. The concept developed at the University of Leoben is based on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - the first maintenance concept in which such an approach was chosen. The revolutionary Lean Smart Maintenance concept was developed at the Chair of Economics and Management Sciences under the direction of Prof. Hubert Biedermann, who has been involved in maintenance management for more than 40 years. In cooperation with Boom Software, this was implemented in a modular software solution. Boom Maintenance Manager (BMM) was developed specifically as a solution for the manufacturing industry.

Modules of the BMMModules of the BMM



The Boom Maintenance Manager (BMM) is composed of several interlocking modules that enable holistic maintenance. The modules Criticality & Asset Priority (CAP), Budget Assistance and Potential Weakness Management are the next important step towards LSM.

After a company has laid the foundation for moving towards LSM with a smart criticality assessment, the Budget Assistance (BA) module comes into play. One of the most time-consuming tasks for any maintenance company is to create a maintenance budget. This is because at the end of a maintenance year, decisions need to be made and the maintenance budget for the coming year needs to be set. This is made much easier with Boom Software's software-supported budget planning.

Robin Kuehnast-BenediktRobin Kuehnast-Benedikt



„With the Budget Assistance module, the maintainer has a detailed overview that enables him to interpret the budget plan. This is a closed cycle giving the maintainer a tool with which to make and argue decisions.“

Dr. Robin Kühnast-Benedikt
Head of Product Management at Boom Software

New possibilities in budgeting

Budgeting is composed of three parts: the corrective, preventive and perfective parts. In the corrective part, one looks at the documentation of previous maintenance and performs a classification, which is cast into estimated values. The most important factors here are the best possible record of the actions carried out in previous years and the personal experience of the employees. In the preventive part, data from the "Computerized Maintenance Management System" (CMMS) is used for budget calculation in order to forecast maintenance tasks. And finally, the perfective part analyzes how to adapt equipment or processes to the company's specific needs in order to prevent damage or simplify maintenance tasks. These three areas converge in the Boom Maintenance Manager (BMM) and open up completely new possibilities in budget planning.

 The advantages at a glance:

  • Budget overview and planning support
  • Composition of the budget and relevant key figures for a holistic view
  • Controlling of actual costs after completion of the planning phase
  • Effective communication with all relevant stakeholders

The maintenance manager thus has the possibility to overview and check the planned costs for the maintenance measures at the push of a button. This supports him in reasoning and arguing with the management when it comes to setting the maintenance budget for the coming year. "Previously, the maintenance manager had to rely on his gut feeling and hope for management's trust. With this tool, he can now argue any action - it's completely data-driven. There are studies that say six out of ten decisions in companies are made based on gut feeling. But if you ask the management level, most will say that they would rather have more data available to conscientiously make these decisions," says Kühnast-Benedikt.

Budget Assistant ModuleBudget Assistant Module


Budget Assistance provides a holistic overview of the current budget and supports the maintenance manager in planning, arguing measures and controlling.

You want to take the step towards LSM and are looking for a partner who can support you with competence and experience? We have already accompanied several companies on this path. Contact us, we will be pleased to help you!