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Sector: Plant Engineering

Plant EngineeringPlant Engineering

Advancing digitalization in maintenance

Due to the rapidly changing competitive situation, companies are required to optimize their costs in order to withstand the cost pressure. An important lever for expanding the competitive edge is digitalization. Not only can savings be achieved, but new business models can also be realized. Especially in times when plants and machines are becoming increasingly complex, it is all the more important to invest in future-oriented maintenance.


Make your plants fit for the future - with the BMM for plant engineering!

With the BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM), the maintenance process is mapped digitally throughout. This allows your service management to be future-oriented, efficient and flexible.

This way, your customers benefit from longer service life, trouble-free operation and the lowest possible maintenance costs!

Mobile Client - for you and your customers

With the mobile client, you record all maintenance activities directly on site at your plant. But your customers themselves can also work with the mobile client for documentation purposes: They use it to document regular walk-throughs, fill out checklists and give you feedback on the operation of the plant

The BMM provides you with a comprehensive overview of your plants, allowing you to plan your resources accordingly.

Advantages of Mobile Maintenance

However, mobile maintenance is much more than the digital mapping of paper-based order processing. The system allows technicians to access all information about the plant, such as plant history, messages and documents. In this way, technicians are well prepared when it comes to operational maintenance. In addition, users can document plant conditions in the system and capture photos and QR codes of the plant in the process. Central knowledge management and end-to-end mapping of the maintenance management process have a positive impact on efficiency and effectiveness within the company.

The sales module also enables you to draw conclusions about the profitability of your maintenance contracts, perform feasibility checks, automatically generate quotations and use historical data for future costing and product development.

Reconciling production and maintenance

You have the option of supplying your plant with a customized BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (BPM)-solution so that plant data is recorded fully automatically. Relevant data, such as for warranty periods, is then transmitted directly to your system. To ensure that your customers remain economically flexible, we recommend our software assurance with monthly service contracts: This significantly reduces the total cost of software deployment.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic data determination for warranty claims

  • Administration and documentation of service contracts

  • Fully automatic machine data acquisition

  • Software assurance for smaller budgets

Lean Smart Maintenance with BMM

With the LSM approach, we take your maintenance to the next level.

Through weak point analysis, maintenance is empowered to search for and find weak points. The maintenance person recognizes the underlying causes of failures and understands why a particular incident occurred. Appropriate actions eliminate the weak point and thus improve the availability of the plant.

Criticality assessment is used to evaluate and prioritize assets. It provides the company with more stability through risk-oriented and targeted maintenance. It also ensures the long-term success of maintenance by enabling the asset portfolio to be managed over the strategic period.

Would you like to know more about the LSM approach? Then visit the Lean Smart Maintenance website or contact our experts. We will be happy to show you how the concept can be integrated into your company.

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Certification by DVWG

STREICHER Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG plans and constructs complex and innovative plants for gas technology, tank construction, refinery technology, biogas supply and supply technology.   The company has chosen BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) as a means of supporting the maintenance and service of gas plants. Consistent documentation and ...

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Maintenance Manager

  • consistent mapping,

  • standardization and

  • optimization

of all maintenance and upkeep processes for systems and infrastructure.

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