Maintenance Management with Boom Maintenance Manager

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Boom Maintenance Manager


Every year companies around the globe lose billions due to insufficient maintenance management. The potential for savings is enormous. No enterprise can afford to waste even a single euro in this intense competitive environment. Thus, professional, reliable and efficient maintenance management is the most urgent task for companies that want to retain their profitability in the future. 

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is the software solution for

  • consistent mapping
  • standardization and
  • optimization

of all maintenance and upkeep processes for systems and infrastructure. 

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER offers all the advantages of

  • innovative
  • status-oriented and
  • risk-based 
  • real-time maintenance. 

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER supports owners, operators and service organizations independently of the preferred maintenance strategy and optimally integrates with existing systems.

Maintenance with BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER means:

  • Improvement of strategic maintenance planning
  • Reduction of current assets (material and spare parts) due to optimal planning
  • Improvement of operative maintenance processes, avoidance of unnecessary maintenance measures
  • Reduction of maintenance and lifecycle costs
  • Increased usage duration for systems and thus reduced re-investment costs
  • Improved availability of systems and infrastructure
  • Reduction of liability and damage compensation risks
  • Increased personnel efficiency

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER synchronizes maintenance and investment policies. Maintain a lucid overview at all times with analyses, reports and documentations. BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER also provides ideal support for workforce management: 

  • Optimally deployed and ideally coordinated resources
  • User-friendly and lucid planning of resources
  • Quicker reaction times in regard to unforeseen events

BMM provides support both for corrective and predictive maintenance strategies. Efficiency is increased incrementally while maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

BMM depicts the entire maintenance process and adapts it to the company’s characteristics. It is possible to implement further process steps in addition to the steps depicted here or streamline the process. BMM takes all of your requirements into account in accordance with the TOTAL CUSTOMIZING principle. 


Maintenance Process with BMMMaintenance Process with BMM


Asset management is the basis module and foundation of BMM. Further modules build on the basis module and on each other and may also be interlinked. All assets are documented and managed with the basis module. Maintenance strategies and appointment suggestions are also created. Additional functions ‒ up to the complete depiction of the entire maintenance process ‒ are utilized with every further module.


It is possible to connect various systems with BMM through interfaces. Solutions designed by BOOM can be integrated just like external solutions from other suppliers for operating data acquisition (ODA), energy management systems (EnMS) and customer relationship management (CRM). GIS and ERP interfaces are partially BOOM functions or functions from our partners or may also originate from third-party systems. External systems are also integrated for guidance systems (GS) and  diagnostic devices (DD).


BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). These systems are also referred to as maintenance, planning, control and analysis systems, control and analysis systems, enterprise asset management or simply as asset management. 

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER is specifically designed for the following sectors:

Interface Solutions in BMMInterface Solutions in BMM

Improvement of strategic maintenance planning



Reduction of current assets



Improvement of operative maintenance processes



Increased usage duration for systems

Improved availability



Reduction of liability and damage compensation risks

Increased personnel efficiency

Reduction of maintenance and lifecycle costs


National Express has operated the Rhein-Münsterland-Express and Rhein-Wupper-Bahn with 35 vehicles since 2015. Vehicles of National Express cover over 5 m rail kilometers per year. Expansions to other routes and thus the expansion of the vehicle fleet will occur in the coming years. BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is used as asset and lifecycle ...

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Maintenance Manager

  • consistent mapping,

  • standardization and

  • optimization

of all maintenance and upkeep processes for systems and infrastructure.

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