Maintenance Management with Boom Maintenance Manager

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Boom Maintenance Manager

Securing your investments

Every time plants and machines require unplanned maintenance, it costs money - for example, when plants no longer produce and components fail.

Our software solutions in the core areas of maintenance and service management prevent this from happening, making maintenance an important value-added factor.


BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is the maintenance management system for

  • consistent mapping,
  • standardization and
  • optimization

of all maintenance & servicing processes of plants and infrastructure.

By using BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER you benefit from all advantages of an 

  • innovative,
  • condition-oriented and
  • risk-based

real-time maintenance. 

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER supports owners, operators and service organizations regardless of the preferred maintenance strategy and works optimally with the systems already in place.



Digital maintenance management

BMM creates a clear structure of maintenance management. This enables intelligent and resource-optimized maintenance, which is the essence for high availability at lower costs - over the entire life cycle of the asset.

Maintenance with Boom Maintenance Manager means:

  • Improvement of strategic maintenance planning
  • Reduction of current assets (material and spare parts) through optimal planning
  • Improved operational maintenance processes, avoidance of unnecessary maintenance activities
  • Lower maintenance costs and life cycle costs
  • Extended life cycle of assets and thus lower reinvestment costs
  • Improved availability of assets and infrastructure
  • Reduction of liability and compensation risks
  • Increased personnel efficiency

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER synchronizes maintenance policy with investment policy. With the help of analyses, reports and documentation, you always maintain an overview. BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER also offers you ideal support in workforce management:

  • Best possible use and ideal coordination of resources
  • User-friendly and clear planning of resources
  • Faster reaction to unforeseen events


BMM supports both corrective and predictive maintenance strategies. In doing so, the effectiveness increases from level to level, which can significantly reduce maintenance costs.




Complete mapping of the maintenance process

The maintenance process is fully mapped in BMM and adapted to the company's specifics. In addition to the process steps shown here, it is possible to implement further ones or to streamline the process. Thanks to the TOTAL CUSTOMIZING principle, BMM is 100% responsive to customer requirements. 

Der Kunde entscheidet selbst, welche Prozessschritte im BMM abgebildet werden. Die Software lässt sich flexibel an unternehmensspezifische Anforderungen und Betriebsbedingungen anpassen und unterstützt damit Ihr Geschäft von heute — und noch viel wichtiger: von morgen. 






In its basic version, the BMM fulfills all basic requirements that any maintenance management system must offer.

The optional extension modules in the BMM module portfolio provide additional functionalities with which the maintenance process in the company can be completely mapped. 

Individual adaptations of the maintenance management system according to customer requirements are also possible thanks to the BORA technology used and the TOTAL CUSTOMIZING principle.

The basic module and the foundation of BMM is asset management. The other modules build on the base module as well as on each other and are partly interrelated. With the basic module, all assets are documented and managed. In addition, maintenance strategies are mapped and proposals for scheduling are created.



Future-oriented maintenance: Lean and Smart

BMM is the first software solution to put the innovative concept of LEAN SMART MAINTENANCE (LSM) into practice.

Developed by the University of Leoben, LSM actively contributes to the value creation of companies. From a cost-generating sub-process, maintenance thus develops into a competitive advantage for the company.

With BMM and LSM, customers receive an intelligent, transparent and practical system that is used from the strategic to the operational level.


Lean Smart Maintenance offers:

  • Intelligent optimization of the maintenance strategy
  • Automated creation of an analytical maintenance budget
  • Maintenance that contributes to value creation
  • Accompanied system implementation tailored to the maintenance maturity level

We would be happy to work with you to determine your maturity level and derive measures to reach your desired goal. Our experts will be happy to help you.

In 5 days to your prototype - adapted to your specifications and processes


The BOOM PILOT WORKSHOP is the most efficient way to create a prototype that is customized to your specifications. Your data and processes are entered into the system directly at your site, meetings are held and employees are trained.

In this way, we ensure a low investment risk. Because you already know before the start of the project how your software solution will look and function.

Are you interested in our Pilot Workshop? Then send us a non-binding inquiry.


It is possible to connect various systems with BMM through interfaces. Solutions designed by BOOM can be integrated just like external solutions from other suppliers for operating data acquisition (ODA), energy management systems (EnMS) and customer relationship management (CRM). GIS and ERP interfaces are partially BOOM functions or functions from our partners or may also originate from third-party systems. External systems are also integrated for guidance systems (GS) and  diagnostic devices (DD). 

BOOM info:

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). These systems are also referred to as maintenance, planning, control and analysis systems, control and analysis systems, enterprise asset management or simply as asset management. 

BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is specifically designed for the following industries: 

Improvement of strategic maintenance planning



Reduction of current assets



Improvement of operative maintenance processes



Increased usage duration for systems

Improved availability



Reduction of liability and damage compensation risks

Increased personnel efficiency

Reduction of maintenance and lifecycle costs


National Express has operated the Rhein-Münsterland-Express and Rhein-Wupper-Bahn with 35 vehicles since 2015. Vehicles of National Express cover over 5 m rail kilometers per year. Expansions to other routes and thus the expansion of the vehicle fleet will occur in the coming years. BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) is used as asset and lifecycle ...

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Maintenance Manager

  • consistent mapping,

  • standardization and

  • optimization

of all maintenance and upkeep processes for systems and infrastructure.

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