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Boom Production Manager

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Hard-to-trace errors in system configurations, processes, ingredients, formulas or dosages are major challenges for manufacturing companies, resulting in high costs, loss of production and dissatisfied customers. At the same time, requirements in regard to product quality and delivery flexibility are consistently on the rise. 

Thus, professional and effective production management provides an important contribution for commercial success. 

BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (BPM) is an all-in-one software solution for

  • optimization
  • quality assurance
  • documentation and traceability 

of production processes.

BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (BPM) ensures complete control over your production processes: from acquisition to analysis and from the machine to the company level. Thus, BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER continuously improves your processes and increases company success for the long term.


  • Optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Consistent tracking and tracing
  • Early detection of quality defects
  • Fully automated documentation
  • Consumption-oriented reporting
  • Up-to-date production overview at any time

BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER adapts to your requirements and is suitable both for complex and simple production processes and systems. 

BPM is used as an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and offers interfaces for higher system levels such as ERP systems and lower system levels such as machine and system control. 

The purchasing department can consult a goods requirement analysis for orders based on planned production orders.


BPM depicts the entire process of a manufacturing company:

The incoming goods department utilizes defined inspection plans for incoming goods inspections. 

BPM already delivers essential information prior to actual production during these initial process steps, thus generating significantly more information than a mere production management system.

We offer various partial solutions for production management – BPM’s core component:

  • Solutions for machine data acquisition (MDA) 
  • Solution for operating data acquisition (ODA)
  • Solutions for process data acquisition (PDA)
  • Rough and detailed planning
  • Planning illustration on a lucid planning board
  • Graphic monitoring of order statistics
  • Notifications/Warnings in case of deviations

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be calculated as part of production management functions and provides an important benchmark for total production efficiency. 

Quality assurance pervades all process steps. It not only incorporates laboratory tests, but also documents and monitors all “ingredients”/components (tracking & tracing) from order placement to outgoing goods.

Proper and defective quantity monitoring and automated measurement value acquisition, etc. are further essential functions included in quality management.

Final inspections are performed, and gapless documentation of all process parameters is concluded in the outgoing goods department.

Continuous and consistently available information about the entire production process provides an important basis for action for the complaints department.

Energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 is another BPM function. It ensures a continuous improvement process (CIP) and the most efficient usage of all kinds of energy throughout the entire company. 


BPM adapts to all roles and requirements within the company. 

Management receives reports and evaluations for strategic decisions. Notifications can be automatically sent, and required information is always made available at the right time.

Production management profits from planning tools and evaluations, which are important for production control. Plan deviations are visible at any time and can be immediately corrected if needed.

All documented data is summarized in quality management. Changes to formulas, system regulations, etc. as well as their impact on product quality are traceable at any time. All steps and process parameters are documented without gaps in an audit-proof manner.

BPM prepares pending orders for production employees with all associated information. System regulations and formulas can be transmitted automatically to the systems if requested. Monitoring of process parameters and notifications in case of value exceedance support production employees in optimal system usage. 



BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (BPM) is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). These systems are also referred to as Production Planning and Control Systems (PPC), Production Management System and Production Guidance System (PGS).

BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (BPM) is specifically designed for the following sectors:


Optimization of manufacturing processes

Consistent tracking and tracing



Early detection of quality defects



Fully automated documentation

Consumption-oriented reporting

Up-to-date production overview at any time

Production Manager

  • optimization,

  • quality assurance,

  • documentation and traceability

of production processes.

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