Boom Software - KontiSens: Automated process optimization in the plastics industry

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KontiSens - Automated process optimization
in the plastics industry

As a company we constantly strive to offer our customers and partners even better software solutions by optimizing our existing systems and researching new technologies.

It is, therefore, important for us to regularly broaden our horizon and participate in research projects.

The presently launched research project KontiSens by the Fraunhofer Institute addresses the question how processes in plastics production can be permanently monitored and automatically optimized in order to ensure consistent quality. 

Boom Software and SCHULZ Systemtechnik are some of the project partners . 

The project especially focuses on specialized foaming procedures, which are used in a variety of areas ‒ e.g. as insulation, in the automotive sector, for sports and leisure products or in the packaging industry. This procedure requires the highest accuracies while a multitude of parameters play a role. Change tendencies of important characteristics of continuously produced products can be detected early, and the product quality can be improved through quick and targeted intervention in the production process with real-time monitoring.

Moreover, the use of resources is minimized, and an efficient maintenance management can be developed. 

Therefore, the goal of Project KontiSens is to develop a holistic approach for quality-assured, networked monitoring and controlling.

We offer your company a significant appreciation in value for your production facilities by combining gained knowledge from KontiSens with the innovative technology of BOOM PRODUCTION MANAGER (BPM).