IDMVU as a standard in BMM SRPT

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IDMVU as a standard in BMM SRPT

SRPT bus stopSRPT bus stop

The standardized data model for infrastructure data management for transportation companies (IDMVU) is now also used as a standard in BOOM MAINTENANCE MANAGER (BMM) SRPT [short-range public transportation companies]. The usage of the data model has the following maintenance purpose according to the specialist and coordination center:

  • “Improvement for planning and realization  
  • Qualified processes and decisions
  • Reduction of handling errors/defects
  • Transparency for the entire maintenance process
  • Fulfillment of quality requirements”


The data model is already being implemented and further developed on a consistent basis in some German SRPT enterprises. Components for these companies (such as train tracks, network models, control and safety technology, buildings, train yards, stops as well as cables and lines) can be depicted presently, which also makes the management of all components possible via BMM ( Boom Software regards the usage of this data model as beneficial as the depiction of components is standardized and must no longer be processed for each customer in a time-consuming manner. Comparability is another advantage. ÖPNV companies are able to more easily compare their respective maintenance costs by using the data model.